Flamepix Hosting

High-performance Imagevue X3 Website Hosting.

Are you tired of ...

  • Frequent errors and stuff not working?
  • Technical issues that should not concern you?
  • Installing and updating by FTP?
  • Inferior performance on your web server?
  • Slow loading pages?

Do you just want everything working nicely?

If you are setting up an Imagevue X3 website and appreciate simplicity and performance, then Flamepix dedicated X3 hosting could be for you ...

Why Flamepix?

Although we spent a lot of time optimizing X3 performance [1][2], a crucial factor we cannot control is the web hosting. Many hosting services are over-shared, misconfigured, outdated and downright slow. After dealing with hosting-related issues for more than a decade, we decided to setup a flawless high-performance Imagevue X3 hosting service.

Dedicated Imagevue X3 Hosting

Knowing our own application from the inside-out, Flamepix offers a blazing-fast and perfectly optimized hosting evironment for Imagevue X3. Configured for speed and compatbility, implementing best practice and complimentary services, Flamepix guarantees flawless X3 performance.

  • Exclusively reserved for Imagevue X3 hosting.
  • Imagevue X3 pre-installed and automatically updated.
  • Carefully optimized software modules and complimentary services.
  • Superior hardware resources available.
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Flamepix is not for everyone.Although many hosting services are poor, Imagevue X3 will still behave nicely on most professional hosting services. Since flamepix is dedicated to X3 hosting only, there are also a few limitations to our service [see FAQ].

Visit mjau-mjau.com and demo.imagevuex.com on Flamepix hosting.

We Care.

We care about the performance of your X3 website. Why should you?

Visitor Satisfaction

Did you know that every 1 second delay in page load time decreases customer satisfaction by 16 percent? Did you know that 1 in 4 visitors abandon the website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load, and 46 percent of users won’t revisit poorly performing websites? Read more here and here.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Not only does slow loading negatively impact user experience, but it may also cause a negative impact on SEO. In 2010, Google announced that it will consider website load speed as a factor in SEO rankings. Read more here and here.

Best Practice

When hosting your own website, you are often left oblivious to best practices of modern website hosting, which can lead to flaws in your SEO- and marketing strategy. At flamepix, we make sure everything is secure, compressed and served by SSL on Http/2 from canonical URL's to avoid duplicate content.

Value your Time

One's time is a valuable commodity, so why not spend it where you want to? You shouldn't have to waste time with FTP installations- and updates, sluggish websites, slow admin panels and frustrating technical issues.

Head on over to the features section to see how we can achieve guaranteed best performance at Flamepix hosting!