Specifications for flamepix X3 website hosting.

Imagevue X3

Built and managed by the creators of Imagevue X3, Flamepix is dedicated to high-performance X3 website hosting. Since Flamepix is exclusively available for Imagevue X3 hosting, we can guarantee best performance and keep the service lean, mean and clean!

  • Imagevue X3 application included at no further cost.
  • Imagevue X3 application pre-installed.
  • Automatic Imagevue X3 version upgrades.
  • Database-powered X3 administration panel.
  • Guaranteed best speed, compatibility and performance with Imagevue X3.


Served exclusively from ultra-fast SSD disks and connected to the internet through tier-1 bandwidth 1gb/second network interface. Flamepix comes with powerful processing- and memory capabilities, able to handle any requests from the Imagevue X3 application effectively.

  • 10 GB data storage on high-performance SSD hard drives.
  • Unlimited data transfer on Tier-1 bandwidth 1Gb/sec network interface.
  • First-class hardware resources.
  • Combined with Cloudflare, Sparkpost and Cloudfront for optimal performance.
  • Weekly backups.


Flamepix hosting runs on updated versions of Ubuntu, Apache and PHP, as well as several custom modules carefully configured for optimal performance and compatibility with Imagevue X3.

  • Flawlessly configured for X3 compatibility and performance.
  • No limitations on memory, uploading or image resizing.
  • No outdated server restrictions or random errors.
  • Fully enabled modules for Gzip, GD, Exif, Rewrite and Cache-control.
  • Varnish Cache module for faster loading pages.


Flamepix hosting is tightly integrated with Cloudflare for improved speed, performance and security.

  • Security and Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • CDN content delivery network.
  • SSL (https) for improved security, privacy and SEO.
  • HTTP/2 dramatically improves performance by multiplexing connections.
  • Cloudflare comes pre-configured for Imagevue X3.

Additional Benefits

Other mentionable features with Flamepix X3 hosting:

  • Dedicated CDN (content delivery network) option see pricing.
  • Url username.photo.gallery or username.flamepix.com or custom domain.
  • Technical support directly from the creators of Imagevue X3.


There are a few limitations you should know about with Flamepix hosting. Go to the FAQ section for more information about these limitations.

  • FTP access is not provided.
  • We do not allow intallation of other applications.
  • Email POP/SMTP is not included.